Medical Girls was founded in Central Florida by Dr ShaRonda Shaw to support professional women in Medicine who are passionate about what we do and are committed to helping each other grow personally and professionally.

We strive to provide a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment, and are sincerely interested in the well being of our members, our business partners, our families and our community.

We are Powerful Women because we know that working together, supporting one another and helping each other to connect and grow, is the truest path to success. Like building blocks, we may be solid and strong individually but we become something much greater, much stronger, and much more powerful when connected together.

New initiatives and add new chapters/meet ups will be added all throughout nationally, and beyond! As we grow, we anticipate adding a Medical Girls E-Magazine; a E-Newsletter; Vendors events; Training programs (live and virtual); Mentoring; Resource Network; Jobs Board and More!